Everyone Deserves a Home

A Multimedia Exhibit in collaboration with Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing of 40 portraits featuring individuals who have experienced homelessness paired with recordings of the participant’s personal stories.

” You can’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll be at a bus stop and there will be some people waiting for the bus and they see some homeless people sitting on the ground and they get to thinking about them and I be like, well I was homeless too.” – Patricia

The subjects photographed in this project have experienced homelessness and significant health issues prior to finding their current home in supportive housing communities operated by DISH. Their stories about how they got here are laced with challenging themes – struggles with trauma, neglect, substance use and the corrosive effects of poverty and racism.

Yet in addition to their challenges, these stories are also rich with many other compelling themes – pride in accomplishments, resiliency in the face of obstacles, hopes for a brighter future, and unbridled love for the unique city of San Francisco. From master’s degrees in the arts and sciences, to expressive musical talents, to business expertise, and years of dedicated service in the armed forces, these often ignored members of our community have amazing histories, engaging life experiences to share, and significant contributions to make. The goal of this project is to highlight the gap in understanding between public perception of San Francisco’s homeless population and the actual rich and compelling history of our fellow San Franciscans.

These photos were taken to establish a sense of self-worth and pride in the residents of DISH's buildings.

Listen to some of the stories here.

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